Andromeda Streak--Fanish JMTorres
Title: Double Vision
Author: Juliette Torres
Date: Oct. 1999
Rating: PG
Summary: This was written very early in the series, as a post-script to "To Loose the Fateful Lightning," and also very early in my fic-writing career. It's one of the few pieces from that time period that I actually still like most of.


It was so strange to be solid, to have form within form. In the midst of all the information her sensors brought her from all over the ship, there was the one core of information from her senses, more real and vibrant and grounded than the rest of it combined. She wanted to explore every part of the ship, of herself, with this new body, to see and hear and feel what it was really like.

Touch; that was the real wonder--the tactile sensations of cloth (oh how embarrassed they had been when she stormed in naked), of air in her lungs, of the slick plastic of the logic chips Harper had brought her, of the cool metal of her other self.

She was stargazing out her own eyes, wishing she could bring these senses to her other body. She wanted to touch the vacuum that her ship-body protected her flesh-body from; an irrational fatal urge--had she always been prone to such nonsense, or was this some reckless symptom of this human form? She thought back to when she had been but one entity, to try to remember if she had ever wanted something so impossible.

Oh yes. Dylan.

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