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10 May 2003
Image manipulated by Juliette Torres

John and John

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Do you think a John/Aeryn/John relationship would work because she would treat them like the same person, or because she would treat them as individuals? In the one sense, they both very much want to be treated like the One True John, and her treating them in exactly the same manner would force them to recognize that they're both the One True John. In the other sense, they are both desperately individualistic people, as a matter of course but moreso since having arrived in the Uncharted Territories, because they are--he was--unique. To not be recognized as individuals would drive them both bugfuck.

I have this vision of Aeryn telling the two Johns to keep track of who's getting to go first this time, because they're switching next time, and then very deliberately kissing one, then kissing the other the exact same way, stroking one, stroking the other the exact same way, and thereby methodically refusing to show favor at all. Their lovemaking would become extremely ritualized, at least until the Johns lightened up a bit.

I think Aeryn would consider her clue that she could just let things occur spontaneously to be when the Johns become willing to touch each other instead of pretending that the other didn't exist and they were each only fucking Aeryn. From willingness to touch each other would eventually come willingness to cooperate, and then the carefully maintained balance of "I kiss you, I kiss him" wouldn't be as necessary.

I don't know when I put so much thought into this. You know, I was mostly just going, "John-on-John action... pretty... Aeryn would totally encourage that..."

11 June 2003
Drabble: Two Johns
by Juliette Torres

"Are you saying I'm jealous?" John demanded.

"Hey, you said it, not me," his alter responded. "If there's actually a difference."

"There is!" John protested. "I'm me, you're a copy!"

"Blow me," the other John snapped.

"Frell you," John retorted.

His alter stared, appalled. "You're not serious. I--you can't be."

"I wasn't serious!" John concurred, aghast.

"Why did I think you were?!"

"How should I know what goes on in your head?" John complained.

"Because it's going on in yours!" the other John insisted.

John chewed his lip. "You're right."

"I am?" the other John asked incredulously. "Well, frell."

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