Farscape Streak--Fanish JMTorres

Rain Rain
fandom: Farscape, property of Henson Co.
song: Mamunia, by Paul McCartney
vid by Juliette Torres -- juliette_torres@yahoo.com
format: Quicktime movie, 3.3 MB (zipped)
description: A serendipitous shift in the weather, circa "A Human Reaction."
dedication: For Isabeau.

This baby's a mini-vid, so I'm not going to bother with all my usual technical specs, just give the source and inspiration. It's about the weather in Farscape episode 1.16, "A Human Reaction," to a minute's worth of the Paul McCartney Wings song "Mamunia." The song snuck up on me shortly after I'd read this bit of chat transcript with episode director Rowan Woods (yes, the same guy who did "Back and Back and Back to the Future," and the commentary with Ben Browder, with the slashy stuff about actors as tools):

RowanWoods: There's a little interesting thing here in relation to improvising which came out of logistical necessity in ep 16, going back to last year.
RowanWoods: What happened -- it was actually written in anticipation of sunshine and babes on an Australian beach, and all that angle when coming to Earth.
RowanWoods: In other words, Crichton was immediately impressed and feeling great about the beach and the sunshine.
RowanWoods: Unfortunately, that sunshine only lasted for the first day, which was his arrival.
RowanWoods: and for the rest of that shoot, we were raining.
RowanWoods: so Ben, in consultation with Justin and I, had to very quickly shift all the sunshine references to cloudy, raining references.
RowanWoods: and there's some beautfiul, lyrical changes we had to make on the floor which Justin was very happy with.
RowanWoods: one example of that is Ben's line, as he's staring forelornly out of the bedroom window.
RowanWoods: "earth...minus the sunshine."
RowanWoods: another example is Aeryn Sun's line when she was walking through the rain, where she opens her mouth and sucks in some rain.
RowanWoods: "is this what they call it...I like it" was also on the spur of the moment.
from Snurcher's Guide to Farscape (thanks to ide_cyan for pointing that site out to me).

So yeah. It's about John and Aeryn (honey, how did you get me so involved with a show with such an incredible hetship?), in the rain.

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