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Earth: Final Conflict Streak--Fanish JMTorres

Title: Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Length: 300K (WIP)
Rating: NC-17
Date: ??/??/2000?
Notes: This fic is a crossover between Angel and Earth: Final Conflict, and is set about twelve or fifteen years to the future of early, s1/s2 Angel, and present time s2 E:FC. Pretty much everyone in the Buffyverse is static from that time period, from s1 Angel/S4 Buffy. Willow and Tara are still together; Xander and Anya are married and still fucking like bunnies (don't tell her that, though), Angel Investigations is still Angel, Cordy, and Wesley, who are all still hopelessly single, although some more by choice and with more grace than others. However, they now live in a future where a race of demons calling themselves Taelons treats with Earth as emissaries from another planet...

Title: Tell Me You Love Me And I'll Tell You No Lies
Length: vignette
Rating: PG-13
Date: 18 Oct. 2000
Notes: I originally wrote this in a fit of frustration about being in the closet from my parents (I'm now happily out) and then refit it for Renée, who has lots of secrets. At the time I wrote this (it's for what's the episode) I didn't think one of them was digging chicks, but then, I hadn't seen her running around with J. Street yet. *evil grin*

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