UtenaslashSmallville Streak--Fanish JMTorres

Title: Untitled
Summary: A crossover Smallville/Utena drabble, based on the green roses of the SV episode "Shimmer."
Length: 100 words
Rating: PG.
Date: 3 Feb. 2002

Lex lifted the colored rose out of the vase gingerly, careful of its thorns. He examined the leaves, the venation of its petals, the water it had stood in.

This was no mundane rose let soak in dye. This was an genuine green rose.

When Lex looked up, he was not particularly surpised to see a phantom boy of maybe nine, unruly red locks flaring about his head.

"Here, too?" Lex asked.

"Here, and every castle you hide in," the boy replied, "until you are redeemed."

"That may take a while," Lex said.


"Barring a miracle."

The boy laughed.
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