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O'Keeffe Skull Streak--Fanish JMTorres
Lex, Drama Queen Extraordinaire.

Had strange little idea for a fic. Lex amasses evidence of Clark's abilities, gets it all together, asks Clark over. Asks him to sit down and not say anything while he goes through all the stuff. "This is exhibit number one--my poor, poor Porsche. The damage was extensively documented, but I managed to get ahold of all copies of the police reports." (Waves 8x10 color glossy photographs, ala Alice's Restaurant) "I doubt I need to tell you how much force is required to--and I quote--" (finds passage in report) "rip the top off the car like the lid of a sardine can. I'm sure you know first hand."

Around here, Clark starts to protest, but Lex raises a hand to forestall him. "You promised, Clark. Let me finish." He goes through various objects that fell to Clark's powers, from various episodes. Would need to research this.

Gets to, "These are the security video tapes from Luthercorp Fertilizer Factory Three, the day you and your friends were held hostage." Pops one into a VCR, stands there with the remote, advances frame by frame, to pause on a single frame of a speeding blur. "Time index 14:44:56:02." Ejects it, puts in another one. Pause again. "Forty feet away. Time index 14:44:56:14." Again. "About twenty feet and up a flight of stairs. Time index 14:44:57:06." Again. "Another forty feet. Time index 14:44:57:28." Again, but this time the tape is not of a hallway, but of an office--the office where Clark obtained the blueprints. Lex lets it run this time. Clark-on-the-tape goes through half a file cabinet in about two seconds. The camera had a clear view of his hands. And his face.

(Aside: this is startling like a snipped I wrote about Narim grabbing clips of security recordings of Sam, to build the vocal profile for his computer. It also bears an uncomfortable similarity to the painstaking crap I've had to do to reintegrate the sound and video on that last Witchblade.)

Lex gazes and a by-now shell-shocked Clark, sitting, as a tape of an empty office plays. "Less than four seconds. There are more," Lex says, nodding to a stack of video tapes, "but I trust I've made my point." He holds out remote towards the VCR behind him, still looking at Clark; hits stop. Ejects the tape and throws it on the growing body of evidence. Ditto the rest of the stack. Continues. "These are the cinderblocks of the wall in front of the elevator to level 3." They were already next to Lex's Porsche, now covered in various other reports and objects. "This is the piece of the valve that miraculously shut before the building exploded. Miraculously became welded shut along the threads of the screw."

"This is a lot of gasoline. What doesn't burn, we'll use industrial solvents on. The results, we're going to mangle in a garbage compactor and bury under this house." Dumps the gasoline over the pile, steps away, and lights a match.

As the pile burns: "Clark, sometimes it seems like no one is normal in Smallville. Some of the things you can do bear a resemblance to others who have been affected by--well, whatever it is that makes this town so strange. Your friend Earl, for instance, seemed to have your speed, although clearly not your control.

"But Earl had been to doctors, as have many of the others, like [whatsherface the shapeshifter] with her bone disorder. As far as I can tell, Clark, you've never been to a doctor at all, not even for routine check-ups or vaccinations. I'm amazed you were allowed to enroll in high school without your MMR's or your tetanus shot. I'm amazed your parents were allowed to adopt you.

"You're hiding what you are, and so are your parents. And I'm helping you. And I'd like to know why."

Should I expend the effort to write this? Should Lex actually destroy all the evidence he's found or have something in reserve? What should Clark say?

Originally posted 13 Dec. 2001

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