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O'Keeffe Skull Streak--Fanish JMTorres
clos·et n.
1. A cabinet or enclosed recess for storage of huge piles of relatively unsorted junk
2. A cabinet or enclosed recess in which to hide your skeletons
3. A cabinet or enclosed recess in which to hide out from straight people

The closet is for:
  • WIPs I never finished, whether I will later or not.
  • Fic I'm ashamed to have written.
  • Yeah, that's pretty much it. No third item. Not me. Seeing as I'm out and all.

No-frills WIP folder--the stuff I'm probably working on right now, in order of when I last messed with them.

In no particular order (except possibly vaguely chronological in small stretches, but don't count on it), the things that won't stay buried:

Soy Latte. Smallville/Roswell/Drops of Jupiter bunny. (Terminal WIP that never quite got off the ground.)

At one point, there was a Stargate SG-1/Buffy (musical) crossover. My hard drive died and ate everything but this:
"We'll talk more when everything's a bit less Andrew Lloyd Webber."
"Yes, until then, we'll sing."
I'd actually written a few verses. Things Daniel sang to Giles while trying to figure out why the hell he was singing, and also revealing various secret Project Blue Books stuff without meaning to.

Lex, Drama Queen Extraordinaire. Smallville. More a scene than a full-fledged bunny.

I Met The Devil On Route Sixty-Six. Smallville filk. Run away.

Vlad Taltos and Slash Plot Device #4: The Telepathic Link. One of two Dragaera-verse Vlad/Morrolan tales I have floating around unfinished. If you've never read the Vlad books by Steven Brust? Do. They kick ass.

Chloefic. Smallville--set during Rogue, answering the question of where Clark spent the night after stopping the bus. The story that became a prequel to Lianna because, well, just because.

Lianna. Smallville The very long and still a WIP saga of how Lex, in drag, posed as his own sister and nearly got in Clark's pants.

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