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O'Keeffe Skull Streak--Fanish JMTorres
Oh, I Met The Devil on Route 66 Filk. Or something. Turn back now.

I. Okay. That was weird.
So I was working on this clex fic, odd little conversation mostly, part of it stemming from... I think it's Flything's sig line, but anyway the original source seems to be a song called "Mary Mary." So the line is "No virgin me, for I have sinned/I sold my soul for sex and gin." Lex tosses this out (should I mention it's about 3:30 in the morning and he's sleep-deprived?) and Clark responds, "And money, don't forget money." Lex answers, "Nope, that was my father. I asked." Quoth Clark, "You asked you father?" Quoth Lex, "I asked the Devil." He proceeds to tell Clark how the Devil arrived to claim his soul when he drove off the bridge, until an angel swooped in and carried him out. (Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwww.) Then my Lex muse snarks, "It should be a gospel-folk number, or something. 'I Met the Devil on Route 66.'"

I checked. *buries face in hands* Route 66 actually DOES cut through the southeast corner of Kansas.

Oh I... met the Devil... on Route... sixty-six...
I drove... off the bridge (...) over the... River Styx...

There's 5 verses written and more in my head. Eep.

Originally posted 21 Dec. 2001


II. Yes, I'm strange.
Folk-y Gospel-y. Four beats per line, clapped or stomped throughout. Most has minimal instrumentation, light strumming, say; underlined parts sung with more gusto/volume/musical backing.

Pre-pause First beat 1st pause Second beat Half-pause Third beat 3rd pause Fourth beat Post-pause
Oh I met the Devil ... on Route ... Sixty-six
I drove off the bridge goin' o-ver ... the Styx
The road ...could not hold me ... I went through the rail
An' the river ... it swallowed me like ... Jo-nah's whale.

The Devil ... he waved ... his trident ... at me
Said, "Your body ... is gonna ... be drowned in the sea
But your soul ... is gonna ... buuurn down in Hell
You know it's a sin, ... you livin' ... so well."

An' he asked, "Did Da- ... ddy's mon-ey ... buy you ... that car
That Porsche that you drove ... so fast and so far
He sold me his soul for that ... money ... you know
So it seems on- ly fair that it'd bring you down below!"

An' I said, "The sins of the father ... come down on ... the son?
I did-... n't think that's ... how things ... were run.
Don't I ... get judged for ... ... who I am
I have my own mind I'm not my fath- er's yes-man."

Jam, improv

So God sent... an angel to make Satan let me go
The river ... iced o-ver and a- bove it start'd to snow
The Devil .. he said, "You'll come to Hell, just not today
You've esc- aped me once, that few men ... can say."

The angel ... he carried me... up towards ... the light
I felt I... was flying was love ... at first sight
My life an' my soul ... he gave me on that river- bank
And so now ev- 'ry day, I... give him ... my thanks.

Oh I met the Devil ... on Route ... Sixty-six
He was luring ... cars ... in-to the river Styx
God's ang- ...el came and freed me tempor- rari- ly
But now we're livin' ... in sin ... that angel ... and me!

Jam, improv

Originally posted 26 Dec. 2001

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