Weird Streak--Fanish JMTorres

Home of the unclassifiable, questionable, odd, and only vaguely fannish.

God's Total Quality Management Questionnaire. Are you getting everything you need out of your deity?

Blessed Is The Leek. Not all of these are going to be religious humor, honest.

Vlad Taltos, the movie! I decided to stick this one in Weird Stuff rather than the closet, because the idea of me film-making is closer to my real life than my fannish.

Evil Computer PR0N Filk. Run away, run away!

GenomeX's Very Gay Screensaver. A 300k quicktime movie (zipped) of a Mutant X clip with, you know, the gay.

Radio Announcer's Test. It's a diction exercise that you're only allowed to learn by listening to someone else say it--in this case, me, so you'll get a very good idea of my accent. 1.1MB zipped mp3 file.

Dockers--Nice Pants. The slashy little Dockers commercial from four years ago. 700K quicktime movie (zipped).

Ballad of Ronald Reagan by the Austin Lounge Lizards. A fitting tribute to the dead ex-president. 1.8 zipped mp3.

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