Weird Streak--Fanish JMTorres

Because apparently "I gave my computer two gigs to unzip" is dirty.

Think jazzy. Um, bit like Elvis Costello's "Inch by Inch" if that helps any.

You can unzip my files baby,
You can rip some mp3's
When you work your wiles on me
I just go weak in the knees

Bit by bit, byte by byte...
Come on, baby, save me all night...

Never mind that floppy
My hard drive wants your code
Come on, I like it sloppy
Come on and upload...


How big is your drive?
How fast, with your RAM?
Make me feel alive
Make me give a damn

But however you do me,
If you don't want to get scoffed
Don't you dare tell me
No, don't you dare tell me
Don't tell me, don't say that
You're Microsoft.

Originally posted 14 Jan. 2002

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